Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tweeking sauces

Ok so your making dinner with a jar of sauce or a dry packet (cause ur feeling lazy) but you know it never tastes as nice as when you make it yourself.
Well here are a few things I do to tweek jar/packet sauces.
I always (and I mean always) add garlic either powdered or fresh it boosts the flavour of most sauces.
If lacking in flavour add a tsp of sugar, salt and pepper it always brings out the flavours already in the sauce.
Add a squeeze of tomato paste to deepen the tomato flavour in marinara sauce.
Add basil and/or oregano dry or fresh to marinara sauces.
If using the stirfry sauces to give better flavour and make it go farther I add a stock cube to the sauce and a little soy sauce too.
To chicken gravy I add sage thyme and rosmary to give a real home made taste.
To sheppards pie or beef gravy add a beef stock cube and thyme.

What to you add to sauces to make them better???

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