Monday, October 7, 2013

cheap makeup can be just as good

I think cheap drugstore makeup can be just as good as its more expensive competition!check out my vlog about cheap drugstore makeup
An when I say cheap I mean cheap I don't mean Revlon foundation that costs 17 euro a bottle n Mascaras that cost 15 euro I mean the cheapest of the cheap!!
Catrice is an amazing super cheap brand you can get in most drugstores and Primarks all over Ireland! I paid 6.99 for a bottle of there photofinnish foundation. The packaging is lovely a glass bottle with pump the product its self is lovely thick creamy medium to full coverage depending on how you apply it!
I also got a Catrice full volume mascara in a sale box in my local pharmacy for 1.50!! Its a great mascara with a curved applicator!
Essence is a great brand to probably one of the cheapest out there I love there lipliners I have no 11 in the nude and it cost 1.49!! There gel liner is one of the best I have ever used and at 3.49 u cant go wrong I prefer it to Inglot and would compare it to MAC fluidline!!
I also like a few NYC products I have a blush that cost 2.50 and it is a great little compact blush for bringing traveling and the color is lovely! I sampled there 14 hour foundation and was going to get it but they didn't have my shade left it cost only 4.49!! I will defo be looking for it again!!
See cheap products are great to give them a try you will save a bundle and coming up to Christmas we all need to squeeze every penny!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Im finally back on youtube!

Check out my new youtube video. I am finally back in the youtuber world please subscribe and like and tell your friends! the more subscribers I get the more videos I make!