Monday, December 9, 2013

A gift for christmas eve!!

Everybody gets there kids jammies and slippers for Christmas and most people let there kids open a present on Christmas eve!! Here is a way to join the two together and also make sure you get a lil credit seen as its Santa that gets them all there pressies!!

I found this idea on pintrest last year and did a quick last minute version which went down well. This year I have done a much better version as I started early and had time to plan it out!!

I got a box (one from a delivery of lego pressies for Christmas) and inside I put slippers, Christmas socks, Christmas jammies,an Oreo chocolate bar, a Christmas book specifically Olive the other reindeer

and a small Christmas lego set that I got for free when I ordered some lego pressies from the lego website!!

I wrapped the pressie and it is nestled safely under my tree!!

I think its a great idea as without it my son would have no pressies under our tree in the build up to Christmas so at least he has one under the tree to say is his!

He will open this pressie after dinner on Christmas eve so he has the evening to enjoy his chocolate and play with the lego!!

Cant wait for Christmas >.<

Monday, October 7, 2013

cheap makeup can be just as good

I think cheap drugstore makeup can be just as good as its more expensive competition!check out my vlog about cheap drugstore makeup
An when I say cheap I mean cheap I don't mean Revlon foundation that costs 17 euro a bottle n Mascaras that cost 15 euro I mean the cheapest of the cheap!!
Catrice is an amazing super cheap brand you can get in most drugstores and Primarks all over Ireland! I paid 6.99 for a bottle of there photofinnish foundation. The packaging is lovely a glass bottle with pump the product its self is lovely thick creamy medium to full coverage depending on how you apply it!
I also got a Catrice full volume mascara in a sale box in my local pharmacy for 1.50!! Its a great mascara with a curved applicator!
Essence is a great brand to probably one of the cheapest out there I love there lipliners I have no 11 in the nude and it cost 1.49!! There gel liner is one of the best I have ever used and at 3.49 u cant go wrong I prefer it to Inglot and would compare it to MAC fluidline!!
I also like a few NYC products I have a blush that cost 2.50 and it is a great little compact blush for bringing traveling and the color is lovely! I sampled there 14 hour foundation and was going to get it but they didn't have my shade left it cost only 4.49!! I will defo be looking for it again!!
See cheap products are great to give them a try you will save a bundle and coming up to Christmas we all need to squeeze every penny!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Im finally back on youtube!

Check out my new youtube video. I am finally back in the youtuber world please subscribe and like and tell your friends! the more subscribers I get the more videos I make!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage wedding fair

No Im not getting married but a few for my friends are so I persuaded them to go (and let me tag along) to a vintage wedding fair in the Boyne Valley Hotel right beside where I live.
I dressed a lil vintage for the day

It was amazing everything I would want for a wedding!! Bunting, birdcages, teapot centerpieces, vintage plates and lots of cake to taste yummy!!

We prebooked even though it was free but prebooking meant we were guaranteed a goody bag full of sweets beauty samples and vouchers!

The rooms were set up beautifully there were stalls of facinators, flowers, cakes, invitations and the most adorable rockfield ice cream bike!!

I had such a brilliant time and it was my firs wedding fair!!
 I was told after by my boyfriend I am not allowed to go to anymore ;)
Look what arrived in my post :) yay my new decorating nozzles!! Also 20 of the biggest icing bags you have ever seen!! Is it my birthday cause it sure feels like it is!!!

We eat with our eyes!!

Its not always just about the food its also how we serve it!!
I am a charity shop junkie and I live to grab a vintage bargain whether its a teacup and saucer or a sideplate (and also Christmas goodies from about august)
To look at me you might not think Im a vintage lover you would probably think GOTH but nothing could be further from the truth yes I have a lip piercing, tattoos and wear mostly black (its very slimming) but inside Im a lace loving, gold trimmed vintage girlie!!
My favourite place in my town is the SVP they have a brick a brack shop FULL of teacups plates frames vases everything you could dream of its a rummagers heaven!! 
Here are a few of my pieces most of which are from charity shops (a few are gifts from shops but I love them too)

There is nothing nicer than a slice of home made pear gateaux served on a gold trimmed vintage plate alongside tea served in a bone china cup and saucer!! 

I am planing to expand my collection to larger dinner plates and bowls so eventually I will have a full dining set of miss match vintage items!

Stay tuned for that pear gateaux it will be coming your way in a week!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saved my Bacon!!

Feeding a family on a budget doesn't have to mean mince meat everything or tuna casserole every night (although once in a while its great).
I have a great money saver traditional Irish dinner for you here that feeds a family of four!!

Every Irish family knows and probably loves bacon. I don't mean streaky rashers (although there great too)
I mean a lump of pork bacon.
To get enough bacon for a family of four in aldi costs about 4.99 for 400g that's enough for one dinner and that doesn't even include potatoes, cabbage,carrots, peas and the rest so all in all you would be spending about 10 euro to feed a family of four.
I can do a bacon dinner for four for under 5 euro.
The secret is BACON OFFCUTS. Don't be scared its OK... most people see the word offcuts and think eww gross eww!! You couldn't be more wrong!! Its just the ends of the bacon that don't look as ascetically pleasing as one lump of bacon.
In aldi you can get 1kg of bacon offcuts for 1.99. This amount of bacon after trimming does a family of  four 2 big dinners that's less than 1 euro per dinner. Now it does mean you have to trim off a Lil fat but when your saving that much its worth it! It also means you don't have to spend an hour boiling a lump of bacon as the offcuts are in smaller bits it takes about 20-30 min to cook.
Potatoes you can shop around and get a good price. I got 10kg of new potatoes for 3.68 in dunnes this will do you a week of potato dinners so one dinner would be about 70 cent.
A bag of carrots for 2 euro in aldi will do a week so one dinner is 30 cent.
A tin of peas in aldi is 53cent and they are better than batchelors.
If your proper Irish you can get a cabbage for 2 euro which is 1 euro a dinner
You can make white sauce with a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of flour, a cup of milk, salt and pepper (and a bit of parsley if you want parsley sauce) is it even worth adding how much that costs? Lets say 50 cent
So that is just 4 euro and 3 cent for a dinner for 4 people!!!

And the next day you can use the rest of the bacon for a carbonara or casserole!!