Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decaf Ice Tea


I have been a little obsessed with Lemon Ice Tea latley!!
Aldi was selling a big 6 pack for 2.50 and it was so tasty I drank sooo much!! The only problem was I cant handle caffine very well I can only have decaf tea and coffee so you can imagine how buzzed I was after a few bottles!! So so cut out the caffine and save a bit of money I decided I wanted to try out making my own Decaf Ice Tea!
It is actually super easy to do!!
All you need to make a jug is ..
5 tea bags (regular or decaf)
A cup of caster sugar
1 and a half large lemons
and water enought to fill your jug ;)

Boil some water, pour it into a bowl (just a regular breakfast/soup bowl) and pop in the tea bags.
Leave that to stew for about 3-5 min.
Juice the lemons (I pulled all the pulp out of the lemon and soaked it in some of the cool water to get all the lemon flavor)
Add the cup of caster sugar to the lemon juice and mix to help the sugar dissolve.
Take the teabags out of the water (dont squeeze the tea bags this releases tannins which make the tea bitter)
pour the tea into the jug and top up with the cool water.
Add the lemon sugar mixture and mix well.
Leave to cool in the fridge and serve with ice!!
mmmmm refreshing

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