Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cornflake Chicken

Lower in fat than KFC

I love KFC well any kind of crispy fried chicken really but Im tryign to be good and eat less fatty food so when I saw this chicken on Not My Mothers Recipies on the Food Network I just had to try it!
I got 6 chicken thighs and pulled all the skin and membrane and yuckky stuff off them rinsed them and put them into a baggy with low fat milk (Bobby Deen used buttermilk but I had none) salt, pepper, garlic powder and mild chilli powder. I left this in the fridge for a few hours. I smashed up some cornflakes in a bowl till they were crumbs. Then I dipped my chicken into the crumbs to coat them all over with the crispy cornflakes and placed them into a baking dishontop of greaseproof paper. I popped them into the oven for 50 min to cook and then I served with wedges and a big salad!! yummers!!!!

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