Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage wedding fair

No Im not getting married but a few for my friends are so I persuaded them to go (and let me tag along) to a vintage wedding fair in the Boyne Valley Hotel right beside where I live.
I dressed a lil vintage for the day

It was amazing everything I would want for a wedding!! Bunting, birdcages, teapot centerpieces, vintage plates and lots of cake to taste yummy!!

We prebooked even though it was free but prebooking meant we were guaranteed a goody bag full of sweets beauty samples and vouchers!

The rooms were set up beautifully there were stalls of facinators, flowers, cakes, invitations and the most adorable rockfield ice cream bike!!

I had such a brilliant time and it was my firs wedding fair!!
 I was told after by my boyfriend I am not allowed to go to anymore ;)
Look what arrived in my post :) yay my new decorating nozzles!! Also 20 of the biggest icing bags you have ever seen!! Is it my birthday cause it sure feels like it is!!!

We eat with our eyes!!

Its not always just about the food its also how we serve it!!
I am a charity shop junkie and I live to grab a vintage bargain whether its a teacup and saucer or a sideplate (and also Christmas goodies from about august)
To look at me you might not think Im a vintage lover you would probably think GOTH but nothing could be further from the truth yes I have a lip piercing, tattoos and wear mostly black (its very slimming) but inside Im a lace loving, gold trimmed vintage girlie!!
My favourite place in my town is the SVP they have a brick a brack shop FULL of teacups plates frames vases everything you could dream of its a rummagers heaven!! 
Here are a few of my pieces most of which are from charity shops (a few are gifts from shops but I love them too)

There is nothing nicer than a slice of home made pear gateaux served on a gold trimmed vintage plate alongside tea served in a bone china cup and saucer!! 

I am planing to expand my collection to larger dinner plates and bowls so eventually I will have a full dining set of miss match vintage items!

Stay tuned for that pear gateaux it will be coming your way in a week!