Thursday, September 26, 2013

We eat with our eyes!!

Its not always just about the food its also how we serve it!!
I am a charity shop junkie and I live to grab a vintage bargain whether its a teacup and saucer or a sideplate (and also Christmas goodies from about august)
To look at me you might not think Im a vintage lover you would probably think GOTH but nothing could be further from the truth yes I have a lip piercing, tattoos and wear mostly black (its very slimming) but inside Im a lace loving, gold trimmed vintage girlie!!
My favourite place in my town is the SVP they have a brick a brack shop FULL of teacups plates frames vases everything you could dream of its a rummagers heaven!! 
Here are a few of my pieces most of which are from charity shops (a few are gifts from shops but I love them too)

There is nothing nicer than a slice of home made pear gateaux served on a gold trimmed vintage plate alongside tea served in a bone china cup and saucer!! 

I am planing to expand my collection to larger dinner plates and bowls so eventually I will have a full dining set of miss match vintage items!

Stay tuned for that pear gateaux it will be coming your way in a week!

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