Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Toystory party cake!

OK so its not gonna win any beauty awards but my holy majoly it was delicious!! My son stuck his entire face in his (not good table etiquette but it being his birthday he was let away with it) and it even went down well with the chocolate cake hater that is my dad!!
It wasn't home made from scratch (I'm not that good) it was just a box of Betty Crocker devils food cake I baked at half 12 the night before (thanks to a trip to the cinema and a detoure for curry chips) and Betty Crocker chocolate frosting but it was amazing.
I read on www.cakemixdoctor.comand a few other websites to add and extra egg and use milk instead of water when making the cake which I 
tried out and it was a success the cake was moist and springy and yum.
Then I used my new piping bag to 'decorate the cake' with the frosting!
I had a icing print of toy story and happy birthday and my sons name made in our local bakery supplies shop
Cake Couture but it was too long for the cake so I had to remove the name.
I had a little trouble with the icing picture. It started crumbling as I tried to remove it form its backing
(I nearly had a heart attack) luckily it was half 5 and the shop was still open so I rang them up and the very
helpful lady told me to pop it in the freezer for 5 min which worked a treat!!
 Everyone loved the cake and it will definitely be my go to cake forever I think. I do love cooking from scratch but on a big even I like to know the cake will be a success so for me packet cakes are the way to go!!

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